What Happens to Babies
Who Die Before Baptism?

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2 Responses

  1. PHIL says:

    At San Antonio National Day of Remebrance for Aborted Children, all of your points were identified as Catholic Church poisitions. I added one based on visions in Ohio to Maurees Sweeney-Kyle. The Rosary of the Unborn revealed to her by Our Blessed Mother Oct 7, 1997]. Our Refuge of Holy Love, implies the rescue of one of the innocent lives from death by abortion [July 2, 2001]. Jesus had lamented the snuffing out ofthe life He lovingly olaces in the womb Oct 5, 2001]. He does not distinguish life of created soul from life of created body. Both are created together. The prayer of the Rosary of the Unborn “Rescues one of theses lives from death by abortion” I cannot exclude a “Baptism of Mercy” from Christ’s Powers. And so I pray all 20 decades of this rosary daily.

  2. aiello01 says:

    In 1Corinthians 7:14, Paul says that either a husband or a wife needs to be a believer; otherwise the children are unclean. There is no mention of baptism.

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