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our other child

Our Other Child – May She Rest In Peace

Editor’s Note: Our Other Child was first published in 2014. It is republished here as a tribute on what would have been her 103rd birthday. +   +   + I first met my future husband, Rick’s, maternal grandmother when he and I began our courtship. Rick was 17 and I had just celebrated my 16th birthday – the dating milestone set...

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Fathers Day Without Dad

Smiling childhood photos with Dad and tributes to him are filling social media as we head into Fathers Day weekend. Yet sometimes the ideal set forth by a day of celebration is not reflected in your personal reality. The picture perfect vision of a Dad, standing by you from the moment of your birth may not be a part of...

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Patience – I Need It Now!

Patience is not one of my strong suits. Considering that one of my mother’s favorite sayings was, “Dear Lord, give me patience – and I want it right now”, there might be a correlation. After all, my mother influenced my life like no other. When my two younger brothers grew into unruly teens and Mom sought the advice of our...