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winding path, narrow path

Following the Winding Path:
The Surrender Novena

No, not the winding path! Instead give me the straight path. I want the simplicity of a quick and easy answer – and I want it now. Isn’t that what we want. Anything else seems just too difficult. Oh, how we humans cling to this in many aspects of our lives! We are comfortable in our own little niche of...

Joyful mysteries

Living Through the Joyful Mysteries

We are now fully immersed in the season of Advent – a time of anticipation for the joy of our Savior’s birth. As we make ready and prepare for His coming, the Church reminds us to clean house – not our physical homes, but our souls. Every parish provides a penance service to encourage individual confession. The readings during Mass...

saint nicholas

The Counter-Cultural Message of Saint Nicholas

The feast of Saint Nicholas is upon us and affords us with a perfect time to consider how we celebrate the days leading up to Christmas. A previous post, Santa and the Elf on the Shelf – What are They Teaching Our Children?  conveyed a message of putting focus on the spiritual rather than on the imaginative secular. The point...

marriage, matrimony, grace

Marriage, A Matter of Grace
Reflections of a 17-Year-Old Bride

Spoiler alert: My husband and I are celebrating 45 years of marriage today (November 29, 2019). I write this perspective, then, from a position of decades of experience. As we are now both in our early 60’s, we have lived through several seasons of an ever-evolving society. Our childhood was a time of coming home when the porch light came...

chick-fil-a, salvation army

Was Chick-fil-A Wrong About the Salvation Army?

  Fast food franchise, Chick-fil-A, became an overnight sensation for its family pleasing menu and friendly staff. Christians continue to appreciate their policy of closing on Sundays. According to a video, published by the fast food chain, “Closing on Sunday is a practice established by our founder Truett Cathy that we still hold true today. It’s not about being closed....

clean, window

Clean Your Own House (Soul) First

When assessing the purity of others, it is necessary to make certain that our own house is clean first.  The Gospel of Matthew instructs us to take the plank out of our own eye first. Only then are we able to “see clearly to remove the speck” from another’s eye. In a similar vein, a colloquial tale goes something like...

martha and mary

I Am Both Martha and Mary

The Gospel of Luke tells us of the dilemma faced by Martha and Mary – the choice between daily responsibilities and spiritual nourishment. This ageless struggle remains to this day. In these hectic times there is even more emphasis on our worldly duties. Life today rushes along like a whirlwind. In a word, we are busy – all the time....