Catholic Women Veiling 101
Explaining The Devotion To Children

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2 Responses

  1. Malani says:

    Hello! Thank- you for sharing this. I would love to share this with my CCD class & Parish. Does this come in a printed brochure/card? If not, may I have your permission to print it & give it to Catholic parents , families ( if my Parish Priest will allow this) ? I love wearing the mantilla/ veil . I have been wearing it for 12 years. It is a beautiful devotion. It reminds me of His true presence & the gift of my feminity from Our Lord. I was a bit anxious wearing it at first , i was the only one. Then I ask the Lord for courage & deep humility . Jesus, I trust in you! 🙂 now I have seen more women in our Parish veiling during the Holy Mass. I hope more girls will , too. Ave Maria! God Bless you for your ministry !

    • Birgit J says:

      So glad that you found this helpful. Yes, I give you permission to print and share. Please make sure it has my name and the web address on the page. That is my only requirement.

      I’m the only one who wears a veil, unless my daughter comes. Maybe I will take your example and ask my priest if I can share with my parish. I know they probably wonder why I practice this devotion. We started over 4 years ago from the prompting of the Holy Spirit. You can find more of my articles about veiling throughout the pages of this blog.

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