Marriage: God First, Spouse Second, Children Third

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4 Responses

  1. Prya Menigan says:

    It’s so funny because I know a woman with small children that believes this completely and spends about 7 hours a day in prayer while her kids wear dirty clothes and take ketchup sandwiches to school. Sometimes she isn’t even sure when the kids leave for school or when they come home because she doesn’t allow herself to be interrupted in her prayer time. The people who create these doctrines don’t even have children, they don’t realize how much they need a mom who is present and interested in them. Kids can’t live on mommy’s leftover time after God and her husband. Mothers are the most important influence in a child’s life and if she doesn’t show up to be the parent, who will? God can fix his own lunch, your kids need their mother. Total devotion to God will wait until your kids are grown and gone. Until then, limit prayer to times when they are asleep or at school.

    • Prya Menigan says:

      In other words, a mother’s primary ministry is to be the mommy to her children.

    • Birgit J says:

      That sounds like an unhealthy situation and yes, I agree that a mother’s primary objective should be the care of her children. Putting God first actually means caring for your children and putting them as well as your spouse first.

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