Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
They Are Called Extraordinary for a Reason

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2 Responses

  1. Patrick Vogel says:

    I am a part of a group of men who committed to visit shut ins on a regular basis. We have various ways with the help of our parish to find people who desire a regular visit from one in our group. Several years ago this group was encouraged to become EMoHC. In the same week I was also encouraged by a trusted mentor unrelated to the group, to do the same. I took that as a sign, to go ahead with the training. I was reluctant because I’ve always had a holy fear of the Holy Eucharist, I thought it was for the particularly holy not me. Our parish even sends lay EMoHC to long term care facilities for communion services. Which are laid out pretty simply, with no consecration obviously, and no preaching.
    During mass I’ve stopped participating as EMoHC, but am still on the schedule for the care facilities. They all have a priest celebrate mass at sometime during the week. Is this a good role for EM o Holy Communion?

    • Birgit J says:

      @Patrick Vogel, I would think that your understanding of being an EMHC is spot on. We have long passed the luxury of having enough priests to minister to every individual who needs it. The role of servant to those in care facilities brings honor to the ministry.

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